Animal Shelter

About the Shelter

The Jackson-Teton County Animal Shelter provides humane care to, and finds homes for, lost and abandoned companion animals. The Shelter is available to educate the public on responsible animal ownership and serves the community by educating and enforcing animal regulations, including licensing requirements.

Annually we will have 200 dogs pass through the Shelter; about 75% of them are reclaimed by their owners, and we are proud of the fact that nearly all of the rest find new homes. Nearly 90% of the 110 plus cats that come through the Shelter also find new homes; the majority of the rest get reunited with their owners.

Services We Provide:
  • Pet Licensing
  • Equipment Rentals (livetraps, crates, etc.)
  • Pet Adoption
  • Lost & Found Pet Services
  • Humane Housing for lost, abandoned, &/or unwanted animals
  • Education, including group tours and community awareness events
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Graham is a 5-month-old Pittie/Husky mix who loves to tell you just how special he is. Graham is playful, a great copilot in the car, lovely leash manners, and enjoys the company of other dogs and cats when properly introduced. The world feels new to him, and therefore he is looking for people who have patience and will help guide him into growing into a superb canine citizen. He can have puppy tendencies, but he is learning. He kennels well and loves to lounge on the couch supervising the outside world. If you’re looking for a companion who will look at you like no one else is in the room, Graham is your guy! ❤

Graham glamour shot 1