Municipal Code, Ordinances, & Resolutions

Municipal Code Graphic

The Jackson Municipal Code consists of the entire set of laws passed locally affecting the Town of Jackson and its residents.

Municipal Code

Browse the current Municipal Code by chapter below, available in a downloadable PDF version, or search the municipal code online.

Note: The Municipal Code provided below includes Ordinances and Resolutions adopted by the Town Council through, and including, Ordinance No. 1245 and Resolution No. 19-22, dated March 2020.   Staff updates this page as soon as time permits after passage and any required legal advertisement.

For the most recent adopted Ordinances and Resolutions, which are pending archival status and codification, click here.

Municipal Ordinances

Municipal ordinances are municipal legislation adopted by the Town Council which will become part of the municipal code. Search the municipal ordinances online. 

Note:  Ordinances have been archived and recorded online through Ordinance No. 1245 dated March 2020.

See the most recent Ordinances pending archival status and codification, click here.

Municipal Resolutions

Municipal Resolutions are adopted by the Town Council to express opinion on a matter, to extend a vote of appreciation or censure, or to extend a temporary or special order. Search the municipal resolutions online.

Note:  Resolutions included in the archived website are up to Resolution No 19-22 dated September 2019.

See the most recent adopted Resolutions pending archival status and codification, click here.

Errors, Misspellings, or Questions

Should you find any errors, misspellings, or have questions regarding codes, ordinances or resolutions, please contact Sandy Birdyshaw, Town Clerk at 307-733-3932, ext. 1113.