Why Fix It

It is necessary to fix the slide because:

  • The slide is still moving at 1/4 inch each month (it speeds up in wet weather).
  • According to the U.S. Geological Survey report: there is a possibility for catastrophic failure of the hillside.
  • The slide compromises public safety and our economic well being.
  • The slide could threaten the sewer system.
  • A catastrophic failure of the hillside could:
    • Threaten the local economy and tourism in Northwest Wyoming.
    • Threaten the 12-inch water main line to West Jackson.
      • Destroy a portion of West Broadway
      • Flood buildings and residences in West Jackson
      • Cause a loss of water which would impact drinking water and fire suppression in West Jackson

Town of Jackson Landslide Presentation

View the landslide presentation (PDF) the Town of Jackson gave to the Rotary Club in 2016.