The History

The History Graphic

All the development on the north side of Broadway between Scott Lane and WY 22 sits on the remnants of a colluvium mass wasting and ancient landslides that occurred approximately 150,000 years ago. During this event the volcanic basaltic andesite, which overlaid the sedimentary layers, slid down to what would 150,000 years later become West Broadway Avenue.

The Landslide Was Reactivated

Through a series of events over the past 60 years, this ancient landslide was reactivated. Between the dates of 1967 and 1968 WYDOT removed 52,000 cubic yards of material from the hillside. Prior to this time, Broadway went up and over a hill comprised of ancient slide debris. WYDOT excavated the toe of this slide path in an effort to flatten Broadway motorists (both residents and visitors) smooth access into east Jackson. This is the same level Broadway that motorists, pedestrians and bikers utilize today.

Quarry Operations for Roads

Between the dates of 1963 through 1980 private quarry operations removed 15,000 cubic yards. Much of the material excavated from the hillside during this time was utilized to pave roads throughout the Town of Jackson. In total, since 1963, approximately 83,500 cubic yards of material have been extracted from the Budge Drive hillside. Of this amount over 80% was removed by WYDOT and private quarry operations prior to 1980. Much of the materials extracted from this hillside was utilized to construct and pave roads throughout Jackson. The roads constructed and paved are still utilized today by residents and visitors alike.

Actions That Reactivated the Landslide

Date Activity Volume Removed Percent of Activity
1967-1968 WYDOT Quarry Operation 52,000 cubic yards 62.3%
1963-1980 Private Quarry Operations 15,000 cubic yards 18.0%
1998 Hillside Building Construction 3,000 cubic yards 3.6%
1999 Budge Drive Reconstruction 7,000 cubic yards 8.4%
2011 Walgreens Development 6,500 cubic yards 7.7%