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Emergency Actions the Town of Jackson Has Taken to Address the Slide

In April and May of 2014 the Town of Jackson implemented a series of emergency mitigation actions to protect public safety and infrastructure. These actions significantly slowed landslide movement. The cost of these actions was $1.3 million. Emergency actions included:

  • Issued emergency evacuation notice for residences and businesses
  • Constructed 3 temporary buttresses to slow slide movement. These buttresses protected the Sidewinders Parking Structure and Budge Drive access. This involved importing 7 million pounds of structural fill (2400 cubic yards).
  • Drilled 7 test wells to obtain an understanding of the local geology and to help monitor ongoing slide movement
  • Reestablished temporary water and sewer service to residences on hillside (fire flow has not yet been restored)
  • Developed 3 concepts for alternative access for residences on the hill
  • Developed a plan to stabilize the landslide. This plan included unweighting the top of the hill, construction of shear key and permanent buttresses. This plan will restore a Level of Safety Factor of 1.2 on the western portion of the slide. The Town Council approved this plan on October 27, 2014.
  • In November 2015, Budge Drive was widened and regraded to provide narrow two-way traffic and relocated upper Sidewinders access for parking.
  • The Town of Jackson obtained temporary drainage easements to install a temporary drainage plan which includes graded swales, concrete structures and culverts, designed to collect and discharge storm water runoff. This work diverted water from the head of the scarp and helped to stabilize slide movement.
  • The Town continues to work with the Hillside commercial partners, Walgreens and the residences to reach agreements to construct the project.