Childcare Baseline Inventory and Needs Assessment

The Town of Jackson and Teton County intends to enter into a contract with a consultant to develop and complete an inventory of existing childcare facilities and develop an actionable Childcare Needs Assessment for early childhood care in the community. 

The goal of this project is to complete a Childcare Baseline Inventory and Needs Assessment that accurately describes and quantifies the childcare needs and strengths of the Town of Jackson, Teton County, and if possible surrounding communities. The assessment will provide recommended solutions for meeting gaps in the provision of high-quality, affordable early childhood education/childcare services to all children aged 0-6 years old in the region. 

On July 15, 2019, the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Jackson asked that the Council consider a new funding allocation for FY20 to fund an inventory and needs assessment for early childhood care in the community.  The purpose of this work is to better understand the current supply and demand of and need for early childcare facilities in the community and provide a projection of future demand. This constitutes half of the estimated cost for the inventory with the other half being funded by Teton County. 

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Image of Child in woman's arms