Local Mail Delivery

Mail delivery can be a confusing thing in Jackson and the surrounding communities. If you are sending mail to someone through the US Postal Service it is important to be aware of the fact that most of Jackson does not have home or business mail delivery service.

How to Address Mail

Jackson residents are required to use a P.O. Box to receive their USPS mail. UPS, FedEx and other services will still deliver to physical addresses, however. Therefore, when addressing mail destined for someone in Jackson, the Postal Service recommends the following address method, regardless of carrier:

Individual's Name
Physical Address, #XXXX
City, State, Zipcode, #XXXX

*XXXX indicates P.O. Box number


Here is an example of how to address a letter to someone named Johnny Anonymous, residing at a physical address of 123 Fake Street, with a P.O. Box of 4321, in Jackson's 83001 zip code:

Johnny Anonymous
123 Fake Street #4321
Jackson, WY 83001-4321

Note: UPS, FedEx, and other non-USPS carriers will ignore the Box number and deliver packages to the physical address. However, if the package ends up at the USPS Post Office without a Box number then it will be returned to the sender!