Wildlife & Driving

Facts & Statistics

Did you know that last year in Teton County over 500 animals were killed in Wildlife Vehicle Collisions (WVC)?

  • Roughly 50% of these WVCs occur in the winter months (December - March)
  • Most of these WVCs occur at night
  • Reported roadkill numbers are likely much less than actual mortality numbers
  • One estimate of the costs associated with WVCs last year in Teton County exceeded $3M (this estimate does not include WVCs occurring in Grand Teton National Park)

These statistics are based upon a study conducted by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation. Read through the 2017 Study Report (PDF) to learn more.

Wildlife Advisory Signs Measures

The Wyoming Department of Transportation as part of a collaborative effort with JHWF erected new wildlife advisory signs on South Highway 89 and two more on WY 22. Signs measures were enacted even as discussions continue about long-term solutions to address wildlife mortalities and driver safety concerns on every highway in the valley. Read more in the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation Press release (PDF).