Snow King Master Plan

The original Snow King Planned Resort District Master Plan was approved by the Town in December of 2000. Subsequently, the Town has approved three amendments to the Master Plan and numerous Development Plans at all levels (minor, intermediate and major) to allow the development of the buildings and recreational improvements allowed under the plan. The original Master Plan allowed for a total of 915,000 square feet of total development and 2,208 guests measured by APO (average person occupancy) for lodging uses. In total approximately 351,662 square feet has been constructed to date and 1,113 guest APOs. Below you can find the most recent Master Plan Amendment 2019, Snow King Annual Reports, and a map of the Snow King Resort District.

2019 Snow King Master Plan Amendment (most recent version of the Master Plan).

Snow King Annual Report

2023 SKRMA Annual Report
2022 SKRMA Annual Report
2021 SKRMA Annual Report

Map of Snow King Resort District (all properties highlighted in purple)