Shouldn’t Walgreens Pay to Fix This Slide?

It should be noted that, if passed, this SPET would only fund restoration of public infrastructure (the western portion of the slide path). No public funding will be used to subsidize commercial property owners. These property owners will be responsible for mitigation of slide impacts on private property. The funds collected would be used to restore the Town’s road up to the neighborhood on the hillside, restoration of public water systems up to hillside residents, mitigate potential damage to the Town’s main water line and sewer line near West Broadway, and take measures to protect West Broadway.

Development on the Landslide

The development on the north side of Broadway between Scott Lane and WY 22 sits on the remnants of a colluvium mass wasting and ancient landslides that occurred approximately 150,000 years ago. During this event the volcanic basaltic andesite, which overlaid the sedimentary layers, slid down to what would 150,000 years later become West Broadway.

The Landslide Was Reactivated

Through a series of events over the past 60 years, this ancient landslide was reactivated. Between the dates of 1967 and 1968 WYDOT quarried approximately 52,000 cubic yards of materials to pave the roads which most residents and visitors now rely on throughout Jackson. In addition, during the years of 1963 until 1980 there were an additional 15,000 cubic yards of materials quarried through private operations. The Hillside building and Budge Drive Reconstruction removed 10,000 cubic yards of materials from the hillside during the years of 1998 and 1999. The Walgreens development removed approximately 6,500 cubic yards of materials from the site.


It should be noted that funds collected from the SPET initiative, if passed, would not be used to mitigate the eastern portion (Walgreens side) of the landslide. The Town of Jackson continues to work with Walgreens in an effort to develop a plan which will mitigate the eastern portion of the slide.

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