FY24 Budget


Town Council approved the Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) budget at its June 5 meeting. The Town's FY24 Budget will: 

  • Invest in the Town’s employees to retain and recruit staff that provide the services our community relies on.
  • Work to complete capital projects to continue to provide important core services, enhance quality of life, and move us towards our transportation goals.Implement Council’s two‐year workplan.
  • Rely on traditional funding resources, striving to keep increases modest wherever possible.
  • Work to reorganize for the 21st Century and find internal efficiencies in the Town organization. 

A letter from your Town Manager

TOJ Employee Presentation (2)

Our community has grown in population size, visitations, and in sophistication in terms of the standards of service residents consider necessary for everyday life. Today, the Town treats and supplies more water, manages more storm drains and water pipes, maintains more public restrooms, parking lots, sidewalks, and roads, and answers more calls for service for Firefighters and Police than ever before. Core services, things people depend on every day, have increased between 50 to 70 percent in the last twenty years. Using data from 2022: 

    Calls for service for Fire/EMS are up 69% since 2010

    The Town manages 50% more water and storm drainpipes than it did in 2000

    The Town maintains 10 more public parking lots and 3 more restrooms than in 2000

    The number of roads the Town manages has increased by nearly 30% since 2000

    Today, the Town’s sewer facility is twice the size it was in 2000