Town Budget

The Town's fiscal year is July 1-June 30.  

Highlights in FY22 Recommended Budget (see full budget books below).

  • COVID-19 pandemic challenged the Town to adapt and innovate. The Town’s response was quick and effective, maintaining a reasonable level of service and assisting other organizations whenever possible.  
  • The FY22 recommended budget presents a conservative, balanced, and sustainable plan for utilizing financial resources to restore and preserve core services while continuing to invest in a resilient future.  
  • The Town has arrived on this side of the pandemic well positioned in the near-term, but this was not achieved through revenue that will recur. Instead, it is budget cuts, federal recovery dollars, and sales tax surpluses that are granting a short reprieve. 
  • The recommended budget articulates the need to work to secure additional sources of recurring revenue. As was the case before the pandemic, recurring expenditures are still outpacing recurring revenues.  
  • The recommended budget includes $33M in program expenditures, restoring funding for programs and $21M in capital projects. 
  • Positions that were frozen due to COVID are restored in this budget including a Long-Range planner, a Snowplow Driver, and more.  
  • New positions are recommended including a Mental Health Advocate to work with the police department (PD), an Eco-System Coordinator, and more. 
  • Full implementation of START’s new Route Plan is recommended including Micro-Transit in East Jackson. 
  • Requests from human service agencies to the Town and County are up 13% from last year, and this budget recommends support for this growth in need for these critical services.