Stewardship & Conservation are Core Values at the Town

The Town recognizes that environmental health creates a high-quality of life. For many years, the Town of Jackson has focused on Ecosystem Stewardship, Sustainability, and Climate Action including through the following buildings, initiatives, and actions. The Town's current work to prioritize sustainability and climate action is led by its Ecosystem Stewardship Administrator. Join us in working on the following initiatives and with these partners to make Jackson the most sustainable and resilient community possible!

The Town has a current goal to achieve NET ZERO by 2030:

This means working to balance carbon emissions with carbon removal, which can be done by 1) Reducing emissions; 2) Generating more renewable energy; 3) Carbon sequestration (ie. planting trees); and 4) Purchasing offsets. These actions should be pursued in that order. The Town is taking the following steps to reach its current goal: 

Green Power

The Town produces some of its electricity through solar panels on Town buildings and near our Water Treatment Plant. For the remainder of the municipality's electricity usage, we purchase 100% green energy from local power company, Lower Valley Energy. Our commitment to green energy supports a certified low-impact hydropower facility on Strawberry Creek near Bedford, Wyoming.

Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy

Use of Solar Panels & Renewable Energy 

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installations

As of 2019, the Town of Jackson has a total of 3,415 photovoltaic cells in operation. Located at Public Works, our Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Parking Garage, the Home Ranch Welcome Center, the Deloney Restrooms, and Water Well #5, these solar panels supply the town with a total of 1,017 Kilowatts of electricity which is estimated to produce 1,405,411 kilowatt hours per year. View some of the Solar Panel Projects (PDF)

shared solar


The Home Ranch Welcome Center

The Home Ranch Welcome Center was constructed using strict environmental standards earning it a LEED Gold certification. This building has solar electric photovoltaic power, solar thermal hot water heating, and geothermal heating and cooling. The adjacent parking lot also has one of the Town's electric vehicle charging stations.

Previous Town of Jackson Energy Sustainability Plans

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