Short-Term Rentals

The residential short-term rental ordinance has been approved. All short-term rental properties must be located in the Lodging Overlay (link to map below) and must have a residential short-term license to operate as of January 1, 2016.

Short-Term Rental licenses are renewed annually, and the following must be submitted via e-mail to (paper applications will not be accepted) with the signed License Renewal Letters:
-Jackson Hole Fire EMS Short-Term Rental Self-Inspection Checklist
-Annual Contractor Fire System Inspection Report, or if the property doesn't have a Fire System, send photographs of the backs of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
-License Renewal Fee

The Owner Representative or Managing Agent of the Short-Term Rental unit is required to be on call 24/7 and located within Teton County, Wyoming.  

Short-Term Rental Applications -  email application to                                                Call 307-733-0440 X1304 to pay with a credit card

How to Short-Term Rent an eligible property:

First : Apply for a Basic Use Permit 

The purpose of the BUP is to request short term rental as a use for your property.

Second: Apply for a Short-Term Rental License

This process happens after the BUP has been approved.

*NOTICE:  If you are renting a property outside of the lodging overlay map (link above) and/or the property does not have a current short-term rental license, this property has not been permitted and inspected as a short-term rental by the Planning, Fire, and Building departments. 

2023 Approved Short-Term Rental Properties

This list has been updated on May 10, 2023 and is organized by property address.  For example, 353 Snow King Loop would be found under the 300 TO 399 bubble:

  1. 50 TO 99
  2. 100 to 199
  3. 200 to 299
  4. 300 to 399
  5. 400 to 499
  6. 500 to 530
  7. 531 to 599
  8. 600 to 700
Property Address
License #


50 S Millward #18379
50 S Millward #108390
50 S Millward #118391
50 S Millward #128392
50 S Millward #28382
50 S Millward #38383
50 S Millward #48384
50 S Millward #58385
50 S Millward #68386
50 S Millward #78387
50 S Millward #88388
50 S Millward #98389