Public Right of Way Permits


The purpose of the Public Right of Way (PROW) Permit is to review and permit occupying the public right-of-way (or easements) for construction or staging in accordance with Town of Jackson Municipal Code Section 12.08.040.

When is a Public Right of Way Permit Required?

Public Right of Way Permits are required:
  • To construct public infrastructure improvements such as, but not limited to, sidewalk, boardwalk, curbs, gutters, telecommunication facilities, utilities, and/or street paving within any street;
  • To dig up, break, excavate, tunnel, undermine, or in any manner break up any street;
  • To make or cause to be made any excavation in or under the surface of any street for any purpose;
  • To place, deposit, or leave upon any street any earth or other excavated material, construction supplies, equipment, dumpsters or materials obstructing or tending to interfere with the free use of the street;
  • To move an existing house, building, or structure on or over any street;
  • To occupy any street, sidewalk, or any parking space for the purposes of construction, excavation, tunneling, tree removal/care, snow removal from structures, or storage of materials or for activities which would facilitate such.

How to Apply for a Public Right of Way Permit

Please submit an application packet to which contains the following:

  • Completed Public Right of Way Permit Application
  • Completed sketch/plans showing extent of encroachment
  • Traffic Control Plan and signage that meets MUTCD Part 6 Standards; reference Section 6H for figures of requirements
  • Location of construction fencing provided to protect the public

Fees and Bonding

Application and Permit Fees, along with Bond requirements for Public Right of Way Permits are determined after submittal and review, and are assessed prior to permit issuance.