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Helping Victims of Crime in the Legal System Procedure

The victim services office is a branch of Jackson, Wyoming Police Department that offers a wide range of assistance to people who are victims of a reported crime. We seek to empower the victim and help alleviate the damage caused when a crime is committed against them through the resources and services available when the victim is cooperative with law enforcement.

It is important to note that, when a crime is reported, it is the state of Wyoming that files charges against the defendant through the Teton County Attorney’s Office. Therefore, victims cannot drop, change, or modify the charges of which the defendant is being accused. But through our office victims can voice their opinions, questions, and concerns about the case directly with the prosecuting attorney.

After a Crime is Reported

When a violent crime is reported to law enforcement our office will attempt to contact the victim(s) within 24 hours or the next business day. Such crimes include, but are not limited to, domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault. In these particular cases, our advocates will help the victim through the legal process from beginning to end. If an arrest is made by law enforcement, we will immediately notify the victim and advise him or her of the defendant’s initial court appearance date as well as what to expect from the judge’s ruling.

Also, we make sure that victims are aware of VineLink, a website where anyone can register and access information about the current status of an inmate. In almost all of these cases mentioned, the judge will order a “no contact order”. The no contact order is in place for the duration of the case unless the victim and defendant request it to be lifted. If the victim is not in favor of the “no contact order,” our office will conduct a lethality assessment with the victim to determine that no immediate and present danger exists and write a letter to the judge advocating on the victim's behalf for the no contact order to be lifted.

Protection Orders

On the other hand, if the victim is in support of the “no contact order” and also would also like to file a protection order against the defendant, our office will assist the victim in doing so. The protection order may be valid for up to a year, but our office often assists victims to file for an extension when the order expires. At every step of the court procedure, a victim advocate will keep the victim informed and updated on rulings in the case.  Please see the Protection Order section to the left for further information.

Victim Resources & Support

If an individual has been a victim of a violent crime and is in need of assistance with medical bills, counseling, lost wages, or property taken as evidence as a direct result of the incident our office can assist the victim in completing Crime Victim’s Compensation application with the state of Wyoming. Finally, as advocates, our goal is to show support and be resourceful for victims of crime who otherwise may feel lost in this process. By doing this, our goal is to provide a wide array of resources so that a victim will leave the criminal justice system with a sense of empowerment.