Town of Jackson Housing Ombudsman Program

The Town of Jackson Housing Ombudsman Program assists renters and landlords in Jackson, Wyoming.  We provide community education and awareness of the residential housing rights and laws, the Town of Jackson non-discrimination ordinance, and assist people who may have been discriminated against or victimized.  We work to evaluate the facts of an individual matter and direct tenants and/or landlords to the right avenue of recourse for conflicts, assist in resolving problems, and recommend changes.  The Ombudsman Program can assist in connecting clients with the proper venues and resources within the community and the state for further assistance. 

If you feel discrimination is happening, you may download an online intake questionnaire, or you may complete an intake questionnaire in person at the Teton County Victim Services office. 

Initial inquiries are treated confidentially.  Tell us what happened, when, and why you feel you were treated differently.  We may be able to suggest ways you can resolve the situation yourself, we may make an informal contact, or you may decide to file a complaint of discrimination with the appropriate federal or state administrative agency. 

Do I Need an Attorney?
You do not need an attorney to file a complaint.  However, you may hire an attorney to assist and represent you if you wish. 

What Can the Ombudsman do to assist in a discrimination case?

What is Mediation?

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