Formal Interpretation


The purpose of a formal interpretation is to provide a written answer to a specific question on the application of a provision of these land development regulations (LDRs) or the boundaries or classifications of the official zoning map independent from any other review procedure. A formal interpretation provides consistency in the implementation of these LDRs.

When Is This Required?

A formal interpretation may be requested to interpret any provision of these LDRs or boundary or classification of the official zoning map. The Planning Director may require a different application to be filed if an interpretation should be evaluated in the context of a full application rather than as a separate question.


  • How Long: Up to 60 days after application submission
  • Who Decides:
    • Final Decision: Planning Director

Helpful Tips

A formal interpretation will not be provided regarding the following issues:

  • An increase in the maximum density of a use or development option.
  • An increase in the floor area of a physical development or development option (e.g., FAR, maximum scale of development).
  • Allowance of a not previously permitted physical development, use, or development option, except under a similar use determination.
  • Enlargement of a nonconformity beyond its allowed expansion.
  • Reduction of a requirement where an option for independent calculation of the requirement exists (e.g., housing, development exactions).

How to Apply

Please submit an application packet via email to that includes the following (paper applications are not accepted):

  • Application Fee: To pay the fee via credit card (visa, master card, discover)                       call 307-733-0440 X 1304
  • Application Form (PDF)
  • Circumstances: Briefly describe the circumstances to be evaluated in making the interpretation
  • Interpretation Requested: Identify the LDR provision or boundary or classification of the zoning map for which you are requesting an interpretation
  • Notarized Letter of Authorization (PDF)
  • Other Pertinent Information


Formal interpretation fees are $640.