Quarterly Use of Force

Quarterly Use of Force

The Jackson Police Department exists to contribute to the world-wide reputation of Jackson by providing the community and its visitors with professional police services by preserving life, protecting property, and maintaining the peace through a responsible application of the law.

We take this job seriously and strive to earn and keep our community’s trust in what we do and how we do it.  To provide as much transparency as possible and continue the national dialogue in these unprecedented times related to police uses of force, we are now providing quarterly reports on all of these events.

These are abridged summaries of use of force events prepared by the Operations Lieutenant that provide information to the public, while still respecting personnel issues and the requirements of Wyoming state law.  As such, the reports do not include the names of suspects or involved officers.

Per Jackson Police Department policy, all uses of force are thoroughly reported and investigated by a supervisor.  Their investigation is forwarded to the Operations Lieutenant for review.  The Operations Lieutenant then makes recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding the use of force event and whether training, council, discipline or an internal and/or criminal investigation should occur.

Though we don’t have many, we see use of force investigations as an opportunity to learn from what happened and do better and be more effective the next time.

2023 - First quarter

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