Employer Pass Program

A unique, low-cost employment benefit, that makes a difference for Jackson Hole

Do you have employees traveling near & far to get to work everyday?
The START Bus Employer Pass Program allows local Jackson employers to purchase a Universal START Bus pass at a 10% discount for their employees.

Is your business environmentally conscious & taking actions towards sustainable practices?
By providing bus passes as part of a full-site benefits package for your employees, employers can:

A)           Provide a unique, low-cost benefit to their staff.
B)           Help mitigate local roadway congestion.
C)           Offset total automotive CO2 emissions in Teton County!

Want to know more?
Whether considering free START Bus passes as a part of your company’s growing benefits package, or looking to provide additional information about the program to your employer, the below materials will help answer any questions you might have about the Employer Pass program.

 What will it cost you as the Employer?  
Employers can purchase a START Bus Universal Pass at a 10% discount for their employees. Universal Pass covers system-wide service and includes all Commuter routes and service to Teton Village. 

Universal Pass comes in a 6-month and 12-month duration, beginning on the date of purchase.

6-month Universal Pass
Regular Price:                   $550
Discounted Price:            $495  

1 full year Universal Pass
Regular Price:                   $999
Discounted Price:            $900 

Employers can purchase START Universal Bus passes in-person at 55 Karns Meadow Drive,  Jackson, WY 83001. To be eligible for the employer discount, upon arrival to our facility, please provide a valid proof of your business by filling out the "Employer Pass Program -Verification Form" linked below.

Learn more about local business licenses HERE or visit  www.jacksonwy.gov/216/Local-Businesses

If you plan to participate in the Employer Pass Program or wish to learn more, please fill out the form below with the required information and we will contact you directly!

Employer Pass Program - Verification Form  

For more information, please contact us at: 
or contact us directly at
307-733-4521 ext. 1651