Town Square

About Town Square

Jackson's Town Square, formally named George Washington Memorial Park, is the cultural, civic, and business heart of our community. Dedicated as a park in 1934, each corner hosts arches made from elk antlers collected from the nearby Elk Refuge. The first antler arch was built in 1953, and each arch is disassembled and recreated periodically. The center of the park contains a stone memorial honoring local veterans.

Attractions, Events, & Tours

The Town Square is surrounded by local businesses of all kinds including restaurants, art galleries, and retail shops. During the summer months, people often enjoy a riding a stagecoach around the park.

The Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum guides free walking tours of Jackson during the summer months. In the Winter, the Town Square is home to an ice-skating rink, and the arches are adorned with lights for the holiday season. Throughout the year, Town Square is vibrant with activity, hosting rallies, memorials, an easter egg hunt, and a variety of lively events.

Town Square Antler Arch Art