Wastewater Division

Wastewater Division Mission Statement

To protect public health and safety, preserve the environment and enhance the quality of life. We will exceed the expectations of our customers while acting in a forward thinking, professional manner.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Four Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality certified Wastewater Operators maintain the equipment in the Town's Treatment Plant in order to remove domestic and industrial pollutants from the wastewater, and return clean water back to the Snake River. Clean, safe water is essential for life and good health. Our Wastewater Treatment Plant removes impurities, solids, organisms, chemicals, and toxins from wastewater so that it is safe for people, animals, and the environment.  The Town's Wastewater Treatment Plant then returns the clean water to the Snake River. Our Treatment Plant consists of 10 lagoons that receive between 1.5 to 3.5 million gallons a day (MGD).  Through the use of computerized systems, aerators, mixers, biological and chemical processes, and ultraviolet light, our Wastewater Operators are able to remove contaminants and impurities from the wastewater prior to discharge.

The Town recently supported a third-party study of its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Trihydro, the consultants who performed the technical review, presented their findings on July 26, 2022. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE PRESENTATION ABOUT THE WWTP. 

Sewer Collections 

Two Collection Operators maintain and clean 55 miles of sewer lines, 7 lift stations, and over a thousand manholes.  Sewer lines are cleaned with the use of a high pressure combination jet/vacuum truck and this process allows for the removal of grit, rocks, roots, debris, and grease from our sewer mains.  With the use of closed circuit TV equipment, Collection Operators are able to video and perform inspections inside our sewer mains.  This allows Collection Operators to inspect breaks, cracks, and the general condition of each sewer line.

Sewer Education and Outreach

The Wastewater Treatment Plant screens out organics and inorganics from our wastewater stream.  Within that stream, we also see a lot of trash (cell phones, needles, hygiene products, clothes, dental floss and yes, sometimes your child's goldfish) in the wastewater collected from town.  We would like to remind you that your toilet is NOT a trashcan.  Within our Collection System, FOG (fats, oil, and grease) pose a serious health and environmental concern since it can clog pipes and prevent sewer from flowing freely.  This in turn can cause sanitary sewer overflows and can lead to raw sewage flowing out of manholes and onto streets or alleys.  Please do not put grease down the drain and instead, elect to put it in the garbage.