Commercial Building Permit Application

Commercial building permits are required in the Town of Jackson to assure the development is consistent with building codes and other applicable regulations.

What Requires a Permit

It is unlawful for any person to erect, construct, reconstruct, or change the use of any building or other structure within the town limits without obtaining a building permit. The plans of and for the proposed erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration or use must fully conform to the zoning regulations, subdivision regulations and building regulations then in effect.

A commercial building permit is required for the following:

  • Change of Occupancy for any existing Commercial Building or Tenant Space
  • Commercial building additions
  • Detached accessory structures over 120 square feet
  • Installation of new cellular antennas
  • New commercial building structures
  • Removal or construction of new interior walls regardless if structural or not
  • Retaining walls over 4 feet in height, measured from the bottom of the footing, shall be engineered by a Wyoming licensed engineer
  • Tenant Fit-Out in a new commercial space
  • Tenant improvements including the finishing or remodeling of an existing building or tenant space

Application Process

To prevent unnecessary delays in the review process, it is important to submit all required plans and documentation for a commercial building permit. Please submit an application packet with the following items:

  • Email application submittal to  
  • All plan sheets must be digitally stamped by a licensed Wyoming Architect or Engineer (if applicable)
  • Narrative of scope of work.
  • Completed permit application (applicants guide to submittal materials included)
  • Letter of Authorization (This is required when the applicant is not the owner)
  • Non- Refundable Plan Review fee of $500

Addendum Submittal Process

An addendum submittal is required when information needs to be clarified or modified during the construction process which differs from the original approved set of plans. Please submit the following items:

  • Email all revised sheets to  
  • Summary Page/transmittal of the changes and page numbers where changes are shown. Any sheet that is submitted for review must be called out on the summary page/transmittal. If not, the submittal will be deemed insufficient.
  • Changes must be clouded
  • Addendum Building Permit Application