Environmental Analysis


The purpose of an Environmental Analysis (EA) is to coordinate the application of all natural resource protection standards through identification of the natural resources on a site. An EA review does not result in application approval, it results in recommended natural resource protections for an application.

When Is This Required?

Unless exempted, physical development, use, development options, and subdivision subject to Division 5.1., Division 5.2. or Section 7.1.2. shall complete an EA in accordance with the requirements of this Section.


Previous Approval

Physical development, use, development options, and subdivision that has received approval in accordance with the land development regulations.


All development located in the NC-ToJ zone, except new subdivision.

Detached Single-Family Dwelling

Physical development of a detached single-family dwelling if:

  • The proposed location is not within the NRO; 8-8 Town of Jackson Land Development Regulations Article 8. Administrative Procedures | Division 8.2. Common Procedural Standards 8.2.2. Environmental Analysis (EA) (January 4, 2017 Ordinance 1165)
    • It is the only dwelling unit on the lot of record, or the density on the site is less than or equal to one dwelling unit per 35 acres of base site area
    • Compliance with all setback and buffer standards in Division 5.1. and Division 5.2. is demonstrated


Expansion of an existing building or the addition of an accessory structure within the impact area of the existing building.

Conservation Easement

Land subject to a conservation easement held by a formal land trust that has a mandate to protect conservation values, for which a rigorous review and study of the conservation values of the land has been performed as a basis for establishing the easement, if the applicant demonstrates that the review and study satisfies the objectives of the EA. In such instances the review and study completed for the conservation easement may be substituted for the EA.

Other Exemptions

The Planning Director may waive the requirement for an EA if the development complies with the following:

  • The lot of record is outside the NRO and the application demonstrates compliance with all setback and buffer standards in Division 5.1. and Division 5.2.
    • The lot of record is in the NRO but is also in an area that has well-documented habitat information where additional physical development, use, development options and subdivision is anticipated to have minimal additional negative impacts to animal species protected by Section 5.2.1. While an EA is not required for lands meeting this exemption, development on such lands shall still be subject to certain standards for development determined appropriate by the Planning Director or the Town Council.

Process for Planning Director Recommendation

  • How Long: Sketch plans take up to 60 days after application deemed sufficient and other permits can take up to 45 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides: Planning Director

Helpful Tips

  • Prior to submitting an EA you are required to first apply for an EA pre-application to discuss the scope of work and submittal requirements. Must submit within 12 months of EA pre-application conference summary.

How to Apply

Please submit an application packet via email to the Planning Department that includes the following (paper applications are not accepted):

  • Application Fee: To pay the fee via credit card (visa, master card, discover)                       call 307-733-0440 X 1304
  • Application Form
  • Notarized Letter of Authorization
  • Response to Environmental Analysis Pre-Application Conference Summary Checklist: During the pre-application conference, you will be provided with a summary and checklist of applicable land development regulation standards and requirements that must be addressed for a sufficient application.
  • Other Pertinent Information


Environmental analysis fees are $1279.