Aspen Hill Cemetery

The Aspen Hill Cemetery is located in the town of Jackson at the base of Snow King Mountain on Cemetery Road. The cemetery is open to public access every day from sunrise until sunset.

For more information on burial plots, maintenance, and other issues of concern, please contact our Cemetery Sexton, Al Zuckerman,

Locate a Burial Plot

You can locate a burial plot using the interment list (PDF), cemetery map (PDF), or the Find A Grave website.


1. Does the cemetery have plots available?

Yes, the cemetery has plots available for either casket type burials or cremation/urn type burials.

2. Can I purchase a cemetery plot to include in my estate or for future planning purposes?

No plot shall be purchased except at time of need and only one (1) plot shall be purchased.

3. Can pets be buried in the cemetery?

Only human remains can be interred in the cemetery. Pets are not permitted to be buried in the Aspen Hill Cemetery.

4. Can I sell my plot back to the Town if I don’t intend to use it?

Yes, the Town will buy back from the owner or heir an unused plot for the current purchase price of a plot.

5. Does the cemetery offer perpetual care of cemetery plots?

The cemetery does not offer perpetual care of owned plots. Each owner is responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of their plot.

6. Can I make improvements to the plot I own?

Yes, improvements can be made to plots. However, all improvements must be approved by the cemetery sexton prior to any work taking place.

7. Can the cremains (ashes) of a deceased person be spread on the surface of a plot I own?

Cremated remains must be interred in a concrete, copper, bronze or durable inert strong fiberglass or plastic-type material container. Currently all cremation interments are in-ground burials.

8. Does a casket need to be enclosed in an outer box or vault?

Not every casket needs to be enclosed in an outer box or vault constructed of concrete, corrosion resistant metal or fiberglass.

9. Can cremation interments/disinterments take place in the winter months?

Cremation interments/disinterments generally will not take place in the months when the ground is frozen.

10. How many casket-style burials can fit in a plot?

Cemetery plots are typically 8 feet wide and 12 feet long and can accommodate 2 caskets.

11. How many cremation urns can be placed in a cremation plot?

Cremation plots are 3 feet by 4 feet and generally accommodate one urn.

12. Can a combination of caskets and urns be buried in the same 8 by 12 foot plot?

Yes, any combination of urns and caskets can be buried within the boundaries of the plot.

13. Can cremation urns be buried in plots that already contain casket burials?

Yes, cremation urns may be buried in plots where other family members have previously been interred in caskets.